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Critical Care In Jaslok Hospital Mumbai

The Department of Critical Care Medicine at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centreprovides world-class emergency care 24X7 to patients in potentially life-threatening conditions requiring life support system and other intensive medical interventions.

A multi-disciplinary team of critical care specialists provides broad-ranging consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients with life-threatening conditions. We provide full spectrum of ICU & Critical Care Unit (CCU) services by speciality-trained, efficient and skilled physicians round the clock. Critical Care Medicine at Jaslok Hospital represents state of the art, 48 bed ICU with 5 ICU chambers all dedicated to provide the highest level of quality care to different kinds of patients.

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    We have separate ICU for Cardiac patients; Neuro patients, Oncology patients and Orthopaedic surgery patients in order to avoid any chances of infection.

    ICU has highly qualified & skilled INTENSIVISTS who work day-night to run the ICUs efficiently with a single motto of patient care. The code blue team in ICU is functioning very efficiently and successfully. This team has saved billions of precious lives.

    The ECMO team which is operational 24X7 which is unique; very few hospitals have this kind of facility in Mumbai.

    Right from our inception, Jaslok Hospital has treated the most difficult cases from the city which many hospitals refuse to even admit. Giving them a second life brings us fulfilment.

    Advanced hemodynamic monitoring, ventilation, CRRT, SLED, ECMO, imaging, IABP, invasive procedures, bronchoscopy, etc as per the requirement of the patient is ready in the ICU with dedicated intensivist and expert consultation 24X7 makes our ICU one of the best in town.

    Our ICUs receive patients from the Emergency Department, wards and operation theatre. They are well-equipped to manage sick patients who require ventilator support, inotropic support, dialysis, broad-spectrum antibiotics and invasive monitoring.

    Latest equipment, monitoring devices, intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) machine, temporary pacemaker, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) etc. are available for patients’ care. Patients with infections and/or low immunity who require isolation are managed in the isolation room with a dedicated nursing staff. We have a well-trained and an efficient nursing staff that works under the guidance of an experienced senior sister in charge.

    Apart from this, there is a counselling room where sick patients’ relatives are counselled by the treating physician and other team members. A stress counsellor is available to help the patient and relatives manage stress. For the relatives, there is a resting area which is equipped with one bed per person along with basic amenities including facilities for refreshment.

    We also have a dedicated Code Blue team that manages emergency cases in the hospital with a response time of approximately 2 to 4 minutes. It is functioning very successfully and helps save many patients. There is a regular CPR training program for doctors and sisters. In every two months, we conduct an audit of the entire Code Blue team. The CPR training takes place in the entire hospital and helps expedite the duty of the Code Blue team, thereby leading to better patient services.

    We follow the latest guidelines and protocols for efficient patient care. Our hospital is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH) and takes utmost care to follow the rules for patient benefit. Our ICUs have a dedicated Infection Control Programme, Bed Sore Management Protocol, End of Life Care, Brain Death Certification Policy and Organ Donation Programme.

    Our department also conducts academic activities. There are two FNB fellowship seats every year, four ISCCM seats for post-MD students and two seats for post-MBBS students. There are regular academic activities for ICU doctors and sisters. Every year, the department organises a Critical Care Conference where national and international faculties are invited. There is a two-day CME which is attended by doctors from across the city and nearby states.

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