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Critical Care In Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai

The critical care unit or intensive care unit (ICU) is a highly specialised & dedicated unit of the hospital for patients requiring intensive monitoring of medical, surgical & patient care services. The primary goal of critical care services is to provide right care at the right moment by a committed CCU & ER team.

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    Conditions that require critical care monitoring:

    Instability with hypertension/hypotension

    • Heart failure, cardiac arrest and cardiac arrhythmias
    • Stroke and Paralysis
    • Airway or respiratory compromised patients who require ventilatory support
    • Acute renal failure
    • Cumulative effects of multiple organ failure
    • Major Trauma/Injuries: Head, Multiple fractures
    • Shock and Severe Bleeding
    • Sepsis & uncontrolled infections

    Advanced technology & modern facilities are crucial to the delivery of high quality Critical Care

    • An interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, technicians and other staff who determine the clinical excellence in the overall treatment of critically ill patients.
    • Multidisciplinary approach to patient care encompassing all specialities.
    • A GEARED UP active 24*7 ER team with ambulance along with complete knowledge and skill of emergency protocols in first line management of patients such as code blue procedures, triage and hands on experience in delivering proper medical treatment through basic life support equipment.
    • The Critical Care features state-of-the-art medical equipment, including a computerized monitoring system and patient cubicles.
    • Infection prevention practices to minimise the risk of infections in Critical Care.
    • Advanced drug treatment regimens and latest drug administration techniques

    We are there whenever life matters the most

    • Wockhardt hospital understands that health issues can strike at any moment and require emergency care
    • With this thought in mind, we have our specialised critical care team & unit available 24x7x365 days
    • Keep the heading on the right hand side as 24×7 emergency helpline
    • Match the format of the placement of the heading across all pages
    • At times it becomes imperative to call for emergency medical service as the first line of assistance to take care of the primary requirements for you or your loved ones.
    • As part of supportive services for intensive care, we have created a dedicated Emergency help line that you can call on to address your concerns and give us the medical details.
    • A dedicated hospital personnel will guide on the availability of ambulance services to assist in transporting the patient for further management at our hospital. All information on hospitalisation procedures and concerned doctors will also be made available.

    Critical Care on Wheels

    Critical care services require prompt management and care at the point of an emergency.

    As part of our protocol we have our ambulance service:

    • We have a fully equipped ambulance with Ventilators, Defibrillators, 12 hours oxygen bank, Multi-channel monitoring system with ECG, Pulse Oxymeter & syringe pump ready to handle any medical emergency
    • To support and deliver the best quality of care our advanced life support system, manned by well-trained doctors & nurses capable of resuscitating unstable patients

    Critical Care is our backbone in the management of critical care patients

    • Wockhardt Hospital has been recognised for its successful management of various cases that required specialised medical expertise, dedicated care, life support and continuous monitoring
    • We have been successful in treating infectious diseases like dengue, malaria, pneumonia, respiratory failure, kidney failure and multi organ diseases
    • Our hospital expertises in cardiac, neurology, stoke management of nonspecific gastro intestinal bleeds which require intensive management right from the first go when a patient is brought in the hospital.

    Clinical Acumen

    Critical Care at its best

    • Clinical Acumen and reputed medical expertise team of super specialist doctors and interventionists is the highlight of our Critical Care care.
    • Our aim is to deliver efficient critical care in all medical & administrative protocols creating a dynamic & world class critical care unit
    • We have a trained and experienced team of doctors that dedicate themselves to manage all medical emergencies like heart attack, brain stroke (paralysis), all kind of accident injury and GI bleed.
    • Our critical care team take pride in their interventions, best medical practices; drugs protocols ensure treatment and aim to bring about a complete cure for critical care patients.
    • Our team has an efficient Turnaround time on its carious treatment options for different diseases ,which has been recognised by NABH accreditation, emphasising the fact how quality delivery of care and safety of the patient plays such a important role at Wockhardt Hospitals

    Quality Nursing Care

    • At Wockhardt Hospital we are aware about the importance of nursing care
    • Nursing services play an essential role in managing patients in the critical care unit
    • To provide quality care and dedicated services, the patient nursing ratio of 1:1 in cardiac Critical Care and 2:1 in MICU is followed at Wockhardt Hospitals
    • Our nurses are trained specifically in managing critically ill patients, maintaining infection control practices, ensuring patient safety and following set treatment protocols determined by the intensivists, which would vary from patient to patient

    World Class Infrastructure

    • As per international standards Wockhardt hospitals have carefully designed patient areas, treatment areas, and nursing areas for complete monitoring and evaluation of the patients in the Critical Care
    • Every bed in the Critical Care is clearly visible from the nursing station which makes efficient and prompt management of critical cases at all times
    • Provisions have been created for all bed side procedures to be carried out at the bedside of the patient in the Critical Care like X-ray, USG, 2D Echo and central line procedures
    • A special minor procedure room to handle all major traumas for primary treatment which may be required, is constructed as part of the Critical Care facilities
    • In addition to diagnostic services accessibility and a separate area for monitoring equipment have been allocated to provide best quality of care
    • The heart of Critical Care is Central Monitoring System which enables doctors and nurses to manage all critical patients and provide necessary medical intervention and adopt new lines as per the vital parameters of patient
    • For relatives a separate area is provided with basic facilities for their tireless waiting and assisting the patients during the stay in the hospital Some of our advanced equipment’s in the Critical Care:
    • GE DASH 4000 & GE Solar 8000 multi-channel monitoring system with all vital health parameters
    • 10 state-of-the-art GE Ernstrong Datex Ohmeda ventilators with advanced ventilation mode
    • CS 100 Intra Arotic Balloon Pump (IABP) with multiple trigger modes of ECG, Arterial pressure & Arterial / Ventricular pressure spikes
    • Perfusor space B Braun Syringe pump for precise drug delivery
    • Central line for Oxygen and vacuum

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