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ENT In Accord Superspeciality Hospital Faridabad Delhi India

The department of Ear, Nose and Throat at Accord deals with a spectrum of diseases and disorders related to the Ent and Head neck region. The department comes equipped with all the latest instrumentation and technology needed for treating these infections and diseases. Patients suffering from both malignant or benign conditions may consult the experts at the centre for a positive outcome. The hospital provides a multidisciplinary approach along with specialists from different fields so as to provide a proper and transparent care to all the patients.

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    The department provides all the services such as Emergency services, routine OPD and surgeries related to the Head, Neck, Ear, nose and throat region. There are several sub specialty area specific doctors that help in the treatment of related problems at the hospital such as:

    • Ear: The balance between hearing and understanding is critical in our day to day life. The specialists of this area treat conditions like dizziness, hearing loss, infections, ear face or neck pain or conditions like tinnitus where the patient experiences constant ringing in the ears.
    • Nose: Our nose plays an important function of helping us in breathing while keeping the dirt, allergens and other harmful agents out of our breathing system. In addition to treating nose infections, Accord ENT specialists also treat rhinitis, deviated septum, sinus headaches, migraines, nasal surgery and obstructions. There are specialist surgeons too to deal with nasal surgeries and skull base tumours present inside the cranial cavity.
    • Throat: Patients suffering from different types of throat disorders like sore throat, hoarseness, infections, tumours, GERD, vocal cord disorders and other airway diseases may also consult the ENT specialists present at the hospital.
    • Head and Neck: The head and neck is an important region as it consists of some of the most vital organs of the body susceptible to cancers and tumours. ENT specialists at Accord are experts in treating benign neck masses, tumours, enlarged thyroid glands, parathyroid disease and Grave’s disease.
    • Sleep: Sleeping is an important function of our body that dictates our performance both at personal and social level. Patients suffering from sleep disorders like sleep apnea, airway or nasal obstruction, snoring and others can consult the doctors at ENT department of Accord for a resolution to their problems.
    • Paediatrics: The Paediatric ENT division of Accord provides diagnosis and treatment to children and all young adults suffering from ENT problems. There are experts to deal with all types of birth defects and diseases affecting head and neck, ear infections, developmental delays, tonsil and adenoid infections, asthma, allergies and all the related problems.

    Some of the commonly performed procedures at Accord ENT department are:

    • Skull Base Surgery
    • Cochlear Implants
    • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
    • Mastoidectomy
    • Tympanoplasty
    • Microscopic Laryngeal surgery
    • Stapedectomy
    • Tonsillectomy
    • Myringotomy

    ENT department at Accord has the latest infrastructure and technology at its disposal to provide the best in class care to all the patients and a positive outcome to all.

    Dr. Vipasha Brajpuriya

    Dr. Vipasha Brajpuriya

    Specialist:     ENT Surgeon
    Experience: 18+ years of experience
    Hospital:      Accord Superspeciality Hospital

    About Doctor:

    • Dr. Vipasha Brajpuriya is currently working at Accord Superspeciality Hospital Faridabad.
    • Dr. Vipasha Brajpuriya is a well known ENT Surgeon.
    • Dr. Vipasha’s overall experience is 18 years and as a specialist ENT Surgeon is over 14 years.

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      Accord Superspeciality Hospital Faridabad Delhi NCR

      Accord Superspeciality Hospital

      Number of beds:   380+
      ICU Beds:                  41
      Airport Distance:  46 Km

      About Hospital:

      • The story of Accord began with the thought of leveraging the new age technology with the healthcare infrastructure to serve the patients, rightly, effectively, and timely.
      • Accord Superspeciality Hospital (A Unit Of SCL Healthcare Pvt. Ltd) is India’s first smart hospital and one of the first of its kind in the world.
      • Accord Superspeciality Hospital aims at providing technologically advanced healthcare services to international patients who are looking out for medical tourism in India.

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