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Implantable Collamer Lens surgery In Center for Sight, New Delhi

Implantable Collamer Lens surgery (ICL) is a procedure in which a pair of lenses are implanted into the eyes and do not need to be removed like regular contact lenses. These lenses are similar to contact lenses, except they are placed into the eyes for long-term vision correction and function in conjunction with the natural lens of your eyes to improve vision. A lens is implanted between your iris and natural lens during the surgery through a tiny incision near the cornea.

Made From Collamer®, a Collagen Co-Polymer is biocompatible, stable and flexible, enabling minimally invasive insertion and encouraging harmony with your natural eye. ICLs are easy to implant in the eye because of their soft and flexible structure. You won’t even know it’s there other than the fact that you have excellent vision.

How is ICL surgery performed?

ICL is quickly becoming a vision correction procedure of choice for many people across the country. It is an easy 15 to 20 minute procedure, a quick, painless same-day surgery to help you achieve better vision.

Pre-Operative Eye Exam

Before scheduling your ICL surgery, your doctor will run a series of standard tests to assess the particular characteristics of your eye for the procedure. Once your doctor has determined ICL is a good option for you, they will educate you on the process and what to expect both during and after the procedure.

Getting Your ICLs

When you come for your procedure, your doctor will use eye drops to dilate and anaesthetise your pupils.

A small opening

To prepare for the implant, your doctor will make a small incision at the base of your cornea into which the lens will be inserted. Because of the numbing medicine, the process is painless.

Insertion and positioning of the lens

The ICL is then folded and put into the small incision made by your doctor. Following the insertion of the lens, the doctor will make any required modifications to ensure proper alignment in the eye.

Post Procedure

The surgery is now complete, and many patients will notice an improvement in their vision almost immediately. Your doctor will prescribe more eye drops to aid healing following the treatment. You’ll need someone to take you home; your doctor will advise you when your vision is clear enough to drive. When the procedure is over, you will instantly notice an improvement in the quality of your eyesight.
The operation can subsequently be performed on the second eye. In some cases, and depending on the patient’s condition, both eyes may be performed on the same day.

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