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Kidney Transplant In Sanar International Hospital Delhi India

The replacement of a poorly functioning kidney with a healthy kidney is considered to be the best option. A kidney in a human body filters blood and removes harmful toxins and waste in order to maintain optimum blood pressure and proper functioning of the body, and this entire process further affects other organs. Hence for patients suffering from severe kidney diseases or kidney failure, a kidney transplant procedure becomes the only viable option.

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    Diseases or conditions that may require kidney transplant include:

    • Diabetes
    • Lupus
    • Chronic and uncontrolled hypertension
    • Polycystic kidney disease
    • Chronic glomerulonephritis
    • Kidney failure
    • Hemolytic uremic syndrome
    • Repeated urinary infection
    • Congenital defects

    At Sanar International Hospitals, a combined team of Nephrology & Urology, Robotics, and Kidney Transplantation departments are highly skilled, specialized, and backed up with support from advanced equipment, latest technology, and medical procedures of international standards.

    There are several factors that play vital role in the case of a kidney transplant as there are high chances that the kidney might be rejected. In many cases, the body perceives the foreign kidney as an object that might cause harm to the body against which the immune system of the recipient reacts and attacks the new kidney which creates a life-threatening condition. In order to prevent such conditions, the concerned doctors perform various tests and provide several medications to minimize the risk. Further, our doctors make sure that both the recipient and the donor go through all the necessary investigations in order to minimize the chances of rejection.
    The Kidney Transplant unit at Sanar International Hospitals has dedicated transplant ICUs and it performs all the procedures following government guidelines.

    Our department has expertise in performing high-risk transplants like ABO-incompatible, HLA incompatible transplants, and transplants in HIV, HBsAg, and HCV-positive patients. Both recipient and donor undergoing transplant procedures are provided comprehensive care like:


    • Laparoscopic/Open Surgery


    • Live Kidney Transplant
    • ABO+ HLA Re
    • High-Risk Transplant Surgery
    • Cadaver Kidney Transplant
    • Transplant in HIV, HBsAg+ and HCV+ patients

    Dr. Rajeev Sood

    Dr. Rajeev Sood

    Specialist:    Urologist Uro-Oncologist and Renal Transplant
    Experience: 30+ years of experience
    Hospital:      Sanar International Hospital

    About Doctor:

    • Director and HOD
    • Dr.(Col) Rajeev Sood has more than 30 years of super specialization in Urology, Renal Transplants and over 23 years of experience of serving in the Armed Forces.
    • He did his MBBS and MS from the Armed Forces Medical College Pune and M. Ch. from AIIMS, New Delhi. He has done more than 2500 renal transplant procedures.

    Dr. Amit Kumar

    Dr. Amit Kumar

    Specialist:     Nephrologist & Kidney Transplant
    Experience: 15+ years of experience
    Hospital:      Sanar International Hospital

    About Doctor:

    • HOD & Senior Consultant
    • Dr. Amit Kumar is currently working at Sanar International Hospital Gurugram.
    • He is an expert and well-known name in the field of nephrology and kidney transplant.

    Dr. Arif Akhtar

    Dr. Arif Akhtar

    Specialist:    Nephrologist, Paediatric Nephrologist
    Experience:13+ years of experience
    Hospital:     Sanar International Hospital

    About Doctor:

    • Consultant
    • Dr. Arif Akhtar is a Uro -Surgeon with more than 13 years of surgical experience in the field of kidney disease and malignancy of the genitourinary tract.
    • He has done more than 10,000 surgeries related to cancer, kidney stones, prostate disease, and female problems associated with urination.

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      Sanar International Hospital Gurugram, Delhi NCR

      Sanar International Hospital

      Number of beds:   130
      ICU Beds:                  35
      Airport Distance:  20 Km

      About Hospital:

      • Sanar International Hospital was established in 2018.
      • Sanar International Hospital founded by Mr. Naresh Kapoor.
      • Sanar International Hospital offers comprehensive advanced surgical care in specialties like Cancer, Heart, Blood and Marrow Transplant, Lung, Liver, and Neurosciences along with other major departments with advanced state-of-the-art facilities.

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