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Laboratory Services In Amrita Hospital Delhi

Diagnostic testing is essential to the basic management of patient care, allowing physicians to detect disease earlier, make diagnoses, prescribe therapies and monitor results. The Amrita Clinical Laboratories and Reference Centre offers public access to a diverse menu of laboratory services. The labs are equipped with state-of-the-art, fully automated chemistry and haematology analysers. Comprehensive testing capabilities include more than 600 clinical diagnostic tests covering various fields of medical specializations. Bidirectional interfacing of analyzers with the Laboratory Information System (LIS) in the lab enables us to reduce errors and improve the turnaround time of reporting.

Automated Intelligence marked laboratory medicine system at Amrita Hospital, Faridabad, has a 70,000 sq ft. laboratory with 8 different departments, making it the largest laboratory system and the biggest track system established in the country. We have Asia’s largest installation of pneumatic tube system where there will not be any manual intervention in carrying the tissue for the diagnostic process. All these will come via a pneumatic tube system and will reach directly to the lab central area. Hereby addressing the turnaround time for early diagnostics. The samples are put in the track system, where it automatically gets decapped through a robotic arm and then runs into various analyzers through a barcode system. This is analyzed through a biochemical parameter and a report of the tests generated on a system with bidirectional connectivity and once it is approved by the senior lab medicine person it will be reflected on the desktop of all clinical teams. With this, we save many hours and days, thus improving the turnaround time for all these diagnostics.

This is one of the exclusive and exotic installations made and a similar installation is there in molecular medicine and microbiology. We also have an automated system for histopathology and cytology which also makes us unique. Lab medicine areas also extend to cytogenetics, virology, toxicology, metabolics and tuberculosis. We have a very comprehensive lab management system and in the next phase we would like to include this as our centres of excellence. We are also moving out to various districts in and around Faridabad and opening a business unit known as amrita labs with a few collection centres in phlebotomist.

By continuously introducing new and improved tests, technology and services, Amrita clinical laboratory Services has established a reputation as a leading Innovator in the clinical laboratory service.

Clinical Amrita Labs

  • Biochemistry & Haematology

The Biochemistry and Haematology laboratory services provide a rapid and comprehensive analysis of the chemistry and cellular components of blood and body fluids. This is achieved by accurate random access chemistry analyzers, specialized immuno-analyzers, automated coagulation analyzers and automated CBC and 5-part differential haematology instruments. These instruments directly interface with Amrita Laboratory Information System. Results after verification by competent staff can be viewed at all terminals located in wards and outpatient departments. Automated work flow is the standard procedure in the laboratory. Automation allows for the standardization of test procedures, eliminates operator variation and increases the speed, accuracy and precision of the analysis.

  • Histopathology and Cytopathology

Histopathology and Cytopathology are the science concerned with the study of microscopic changes in diseased tissues, body fluids etc. Here the tests like biopsy, FNAC, immuno-histochemistry etc. are done. Automated tissue processing and a highly skilled staff in the histopathology laboratory ensure excellent quality tissue sections and a rapid turnaround time for reporting biopsy results.

  • Microbiology and virology

Microbiology and Serology labs provide services for the diagnosis of infectious diseases of a bacterial, viral, parasitic, fungal or tubercular nature. In addition to routine diagnostic methods, automated systems aid in the rapid detection of infectious agents in blood or body fluids. Serological investigations are also performed for a variety of infectious agents including viral agents such as HIV and Hepatitis viruses.

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    Amrita Hospital Faridabad

    Amrita Hospital Faridabad

    Number of beds:   2400
    ICU Beds:                  534
    Airport Distance:  43 Km

    About Hospital:

    • With a planned facility of 2,400 beds, the Amrita Hospital is poised to become one of the largest hospitals in the country.
    • State-of-the-art fully automated smart laboratories.
    • The largest paediatric super specialty centre in India.

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