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Laparoscopic / Minimal Access Surgery In Max Super Specialist Hospital Patparganj

Minimal Access/Laparoscopic Surgery is a surgical technique which involves small (keyhole) incisions instead of large cuts. The laparoscopic surgeon introduces a telescope with a video camera through this incision into the body cavity and operates by viewing the internal parts on a TV monitor. In traditional open surgery, the surgeon is unable to see directly into the patient without a large incision. The video camera efficiently becomes a surgeon’s eyes in minimal access surgery, since to perform the procedure; the surgeon uses the image from the video camera placed inside the patient’s body. When the abdomen is operated using a telescope, the procedure is called laparoscopy. On the other hand, when used in a joint, it is called arthroscopy, and when used in the chest, the procedure is called thoracoscopy.

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    This minimal access surgery helps in early recovery of patients as they are usually walking around in a few hours after the surgery and can resume their daily activities in no time. Laparoscopic surgery causes minimal pain and has excellent cosmetic results. When compared to traditional open surgery, in laparoscopic or minimal access surgery patients experience less pain, less scarring and have a shorter recovery time. Minimal access surgery can successfully treat thyroid and parathyroid, hernia, appendix, anorectal conditions, diseases of gastrointestinal tract, gall bladder stones and certain clinical conditions involving pancreas, adrenal glands, spleen, kidneys and the liver.

    The team of Minimal Access, Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery at the best laparoscopic surgery hospital, Max Hospital, Saket has been associated with the establishment and propagation of Minimal Access Surgery (laparoscopic surgery) for over 25 years in India. Created and conceptualized 30 years ago; today, the team has grown and expanded to its present strength of 5 consultant surgeons; Dr. Pradeep Chowbey, Dr. Rajesh Khullar, Dr. Anil Sharma, Dr. Vandana Soni and Dr. Manish Baijal. The present team has been working together for over two decades and is committed to providing surgical excellence and the best patient outcomes. Their efforts, hard work and dedication towards work have made Max Hospital, Saket the best bariatric surgery hospital in India, and we are proud of this achievement.

    Max Institute of MAMBS, Saket is recognized to be a Global Centre of Excellence in Endosurgery. It has been recognized as the Center of Excellence in ‘Hernia Surgery’ by Asia Pacific Hernia Society. It is also accredited as the Center of Excellence in ‘Hernia Surgery’ (2013- 2014) and ‘Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery’ (2011-2014) by the Surgical Review Corporation, USA.

    Together, the team at Max Saket holds a Limca Book of Record of performing more than 72,000 surgeries. This is reflected in consecutive Limca Book of Record editions from 2000 to 2017.

    Benefits of Minimal Access Surgery

    • Quick recovery time
    • Small Incisions
    • Less discomfort
    • Shorter hospital stays
    • less internal scarring

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