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Medical Oncology In Dr. Rela Institute and Medical Centre

Rela Institute and Medical Center has an established Division of Medical Oncology, which singularly caters to comprehensive treatment and care for its cancer patients. We strive to provide exceptional care with innovative treatments options, including access to state-of-the-art facilities. Our world-class physicians, care-givers and staff are intently committed to eliminating cancer suffering.

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    The department fosters exceptional multidisciplinary patient treatments and innovative research to provide coordinated care that is integrated with modern research. Our strategic alignment emphases on the collaboration that brings together disease specialized clinical faculty, disease focused researchers as well as inter-departmental alliances geared toward optimizing patient service, treatment quality and outcomes.

    Our aim is to evaluate and apply the most recent advances in cancer medicine, which are tailored to treat common or unusual tumors, which are delivered in state-of-the-art facilities by experienced staff. We have successfully provided the optimal and innovative cancer treatment in Chennai by providing patients the expertise of oncology and cancer specialists in Chennai. In addition to chemotherapy and immunotherapy, the department also offer an array of programs designed to educate patients, their families, caregivers, and community members about advanced medical oncology treatment as well as integrative and complementary therapies.

    The department is proud to say that our treatment options, clinical services and research into oncology are on par with world standards. With our commitment to fighting cancer and providing effective relief to patients, RIMC is touted to be one the best cancer hospitals in Tamil Nadu.

    Our Medical Oncology Department is established to always be one step ahead in catering an utmost service to our patients as it is built with experienced, talented, and compassionate health care professionals who are trained to make the patients feel comfortable and safe along with the treatment. Our Medical oncologists and nurses have specialized training to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to eliminate cancer from the skin to bone. Patients being declared “Cancer-Free” is what this department strives for daily.

    As the patient keeps their hope to cure, the department assures to deliver customized treatment options, clinical services, and consistent research into oncology so that our standard is in solidarity with the world standards to fight cancer. With our commitment to fighting cancer and providing effective relief to patients, our drive to make a healthy community makes us one of the best cancer-treating hospitals in Tamil Nadu.

    Medical Oncology Services

    • Oral Chemotherapy
    • IV Chemotherapy
    • Targeted Therapy
    • ImmunoTherapy
    • Hormone Therapy
    • Palliative Medicine
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