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Medical Oncology & Onco Surgery In Saifee Hospital Mumbai

  • Saifee Hospital treats one of the highest numbers of cancer patients in the city of Mumbai.
  • State of Art facilities are available for all types of cancer treatment including chemotherapy, immunotherapy and biological therapy.
  • There are highly trained and specialized chemotherapy resident doctors and nurses.
  • We also provide Genetic Counseling.
  • We follow special treatment protocols for treating breast cancer, ovarian cancer in women.
  • We treat blood cancer (leukamias), lung cancer, colon cancer etc in males.
  • Variety of genomic analysis on bone marrow tissues are done by the department.
  • Saifee Hospital is recognized for MUHS Fellowship.

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    • Chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted biologic therapy are few of the services available.
    • We specialize in peritoneal surface malignancies.
    • We have highly trained professional doctors of International repute on board.
    • Dedicated nursing staff to manage chemotherapy deliveries, management of long term venous access devices are also available round the clock.
    • Treatment is avaiable for Cancers of breast, ovaries, colon, stomach, head and neck cancers, lymphomas, leukemias to name a few.
    • Peritoneal surface malignancies are tumours that either arise from the peritoneum itself or that spread predominantly to and along the peritoneal surface.
    • CRS and HIPEC are new treatment techniques developed for the cure of peritoneal surface malignancies.

    Dr. Sanket Mehta

    Dr. Sanket Mehta

    Specialist:         Surgical Oncologist
    Experience:     13+ years of experience
    Hospital:           Saifee Hospital, Mumbai

    Brief About Doctor:

    • Dr. Sanket Mehta is a surgical oncologist with 13+ years of experience.
    • His areas of expertise include HIPEC, robotic surgery for cancer, GI and Gynecologic malignancies, recurrent cancers and treatment of RetroPeritoneal sarcomas.
    • He is the first surgeon to perform Cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC using the advanced HIPEC system in India.

    Dr. Sanket MehtaDr. Sanket Mehta
    Specialist: Sur. Oncologist
    Experience: 13+ years
    Hospital: Saifee Hospital
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