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Nephrology In Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai

The kidneys are filtering units of the body. A bean-shaped kidney has one million tiny filters, or nephrons, that separates the nutrients and other important substances and entities of the body needs from waste products and excess fluid; commonly thrown out of the body as urine.

Common kidney diseases range from minor kidney stones to chronic kidney disease to kidney failure. Kidney or renal conditions are on the rise globally including India.

Causes for kidney diseases include:

  • High blood sugar and high blood pressure damage the kidney’s nephrons and impair blood vessel function, making it more difficult for waste to be removed leading to either temporary or permanent kidney failure.
  • Other reasons like excessive and long-term intake of pain killers, alternative medicine, and genetic factors contribute to kidney failure

Our Nephrology department is regarded, as one of the centres for excellence.  Our clinical expertise and infrastructure support the treatment of health conditions, related to all kidney disorders.

At Wockhardt Hospitals, Our philosophy is to serve and enrich the quality of life of our patients giving them a winning edge to live life to the fullest. The gift of saving a human life is probably the most compassionate deed of all, where you can give or receive a second chance to normal and healthy life. As part of this endeavour the Renal Replacement therapy program has been initiated where, Haemodialysis Peritoneal Dialyses, Renal Transplantation form part of treatment modalities for kidney disease in chronic renal failure patients.

We have already achieved many successful transplants already and provided a better quality of life to patients suffering from terminal kidney diseases. Our hospitals have a full-fledged dialysis unit, intensive care facility and full integrated operation theatre with advanced equipped to carry out super speciality surgery like renal transplantation.

All infection control protocols, quality nursing care, advanced clinical acumen, Facilities and services are as per international standards and help to facilitate treatment and recuperation of our transplant patients.

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    Dr. Mahesh Prasad

    Dr. Mahesh Prasad

    Speciality:        Nephrologist
    Experience:     21 Years of Experience
    Hospital:           Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai 

    Brief About Doctor:

    • Dr. Mahesh Prasad is a nephrologist with an experience of nearly 21 years.
    • He specializes in renal surgery, kidney failure, renal biopsy, electrolyte disorders, urinary tract infection, peritoneal dialysis and many more.
    • He has received specialized training in interventional nephrology from Australia.

    Dr. Mahesh PrasadDr. Mahesh Prasad
    Speciality: Nephrologist
    Experience: 21 Years
    Hospital: Wockhardt Hospital

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