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Neurology In SSB Heart And Multispeciality Hospital Faridabad Delhi

Equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic facilities, particularly advanced neuroimaging laboratories and advanced imaging services, the neurology department of SSB Hospital Faridabad offers world-class services in diagnosing and treating neurological conditions. In addition, our neurologists are at the forefront of groundbreaking research in stroke management and have successfully performed thrombolysis in many patients at our hospital.

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    Our doctors are renowned for their highly specialized expertise in diagnosing and treating nervous system disorders. We provide medical therapies and rehabilitation treatments for a broad spectrum of neurological disorders, such as;

    • Stroke- It refers to a condition which occurs when the blood supply to your brain is blocked by something or when a blood vessel bursts in your brain. Given the sudden nature of this condition, we at SSB pride ourselves on a 24×7 facility for stroke management.
    • Epilepsy- It is a brain disorder in which a person experiences seizures as a result of nerve cell activity in the brain being disturbed.
    • Vertigo- Rather than a condition, it is a symptom in which you may feel like the environment around you or you are moving or spinning.
    • Parkinsonism- It’s a neurological condition that affects one’s body movements by making them slower, rigid (stiff), and causing tremors.
    • Alzheimer’s disease- A progressive brain disease that causes brain cells to die and impairs your power to recall things and other important mental functions.
    • Dementia- It is not a specific disease but rather can be a result of several diseases. It causes memory loss and impairs judgment.
    • Dystonia- It is a movement disorder that makes your muscles contract involuntarily, causing repetitive or twisting movements.
    • Multiple Sclerosis- It is a disease that eats away at the protective layer over your nerves, causing nerve damage and communication problem between the brain and the rest of the body.
    • Migraine- It refers to headaches that vary in intensity but cause serious throbbing pain, usually on one side of the head, and sensitivity to light and sound.
    • Sleep disorders- Conditions that affect normal sleeping patterns and negatively affect one’s health.
    • Neuromuscular conditions- These refer to conditions that affect the muscle functioning in your body due to problems in your nerves and muscles.
    • Neuropathic pain- It refers to the pain caused by damage to the nerves that transfer information between the brain and the spinal cord from the skin, muscles, and other parts of the body.
    • Diabetic neuropathy- It refers to a type of nerve damage caused by diabetes. This most often damages nerves in the legs and feet.

    The department of Neurology offers the following services :

    • Highly specialized expertise in caring for the unique needs of people with disorders of the nervous system
    • Advanced Neurolab with modern facilities, such as, –
    • EEG- Electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test that measures the electrical activity in your brain with the help of small metal discs called electrodes that are attached to your brain. At SSB we strive to keep up with the ever-advancing field of medicine and thus, we also provide Video EEG, which apart from doing what a regular EEG does, also records what activity you are doing on videotape, helping our doctors to give you the best care they can. To cater to different patients’ needs we also have Bedside EEG.
    • EMG- Electromyography (EMG) is a procedure used for diagnosis, which assesses the health of muscles and the nerve cells that control them.
    • NCV- Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV) is a test which assesses nerve damage and dysfunction by measuring the speed at which electrical signals move through a nerve.
    • SSEP- Somatosensory Evoked Potential (SSEP) is a test that is used to measure the speed at which the nervous system sends and receives signals to communicate sensations such as pain, soothing, etc.
    • BERA- Brain Evoked Response Auditory (BERA) is a hearing test that is performed on children aged between 1-3 years to determine early hearing loss by exposing the child to different sounds and checking their brain electrical activity as a response to the sounds.
    • VEP- Visually Evoked Potential (VEP) is a test to examine the strength of the signal that reaches the visual cortex in your brain and how fast it gets there.
    • Diagnostic neuro-imaging with medical, surgical, rehabilitation therapy, and neuro-interventional capabilities

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