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Obstetrics and Gynaecology In Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai

Reproductive Health and Gynecology services at Wockhardt Hospital involve managing the mother’s right from conception to safe delivery of her baby. While the Gynecology Department involves in the female reproductive system, treating a wide range of conditions, including sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and chronic pain.
At Wockhardt Hospitals, we offer comprehensive services for the reproductive health and gynecological needs of women. Being a tertiary care center, patients are referred from all over with a fascinating array of obstetric and gynecological conditions.
To provide a wide range of procedures like cesarean sections, instrumental delivery during childbirth, hysterectomy, removing growths, such as ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids, and surgery to repair pelvic organ injuries.
To evaluate and manage recurrent miscarriages, screening, and management of preterm labor and PPROM, management of critically ill obstetric patients
Handling complicated pregnancy issues like maternal disorders like hypertension and diabetes.

• Pre-conceptional counseling.
• Routine Antenatal care.
• Parentcraft classes designed for mothers and fathers in preparing for the task ahead, both physically and psychologically.
• Emergency & Critical care backup for high-risk pregnancies like diabetes in pregnancy, hypertension in pregnancy, and other medical disorders in pregnancy.
• 24×7 availability of Gynecologist and Anesthetists for a painless natural delivery.
• Advanced Labor Room facilities.
• Special care for sick and premature babies.
• High-end Neonatal intensive care.
• Internationally accepted infection control protocols for patient care.

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