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Oncology In Accord Superspeciality Hospital Faridabad Delhi India

The oncology department at Accord offers a comprehensive diagnosis, identification and treatment of all types of cancers. They are the doctors responsible for first diagnosing a cancer through various procedures like X ray, CT scanning, ultrasound, PET scan and other radiological methods. They are specialists in the treatment of people suffering from varying stages of cancers affecting different organs, muscles, connective tissues or bones.

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    After the diagnosis of the cancer type, the doctor first discusses the stage at which the cancer is. There are different treatment therapies that may be used depending upon the patient’s condition.

      Surgical Treatment

    • Chemotherapy
    • Hormone therapy
    • Radiation therapy
    • Targeted drug therapy
    • Immunotherapy
    • Biological therapy

    There are different specialized and sub specialized oncologists that may treat a patient depending upon its stage, nature and location.

    Surgical oncologists

      : These are the surgeons specializing in the certain biopsies that help in the diagnosis and surgical removal of the cancerous tumors and draining area.

    • Medical Oncologists: These are the expert who uses chemotherapy, immunotherapy and other targeted treatments for the treatment of cancer.
    • Radiation Oncologists: These are the experts who treat their patients with radiation therapy with the help of a radiation machine eg. Linac.
    • Haematologists: These are the specialist oncologists who diagnose and treat patients suffering from different types of blood cancers such as lymphoma, leukemia and multiple myeloma and bone marrow transplant.
    • Paediatric Oncologist: They are specialist oncologists who are experts in treating cancer in children. There are some cancers that are most commonly found in children such as leukemia, brain tumour, Ewing’s sarcoma, and osteosarcoma.
    • Neuro oncologist: These are specialists in diagnosis and treatment of cancers affecting spine, brain and other peripheral nerves.

    What are the services available at Accord Oncology centre?

    People suffering from all types of cancers can seek care and treatment at Accord Oncology Centre. The department has access to the complete range of standard and experimental treatment options. The unit works in collaboration with experts from all departments so as to provide an integrated, comprehensive and multidisciplinary treatment to all.

    Targeted treatments

      : The hospital is part of several research, drug and biological related therapy experiments for potential drug treatments. This close connection helps in getting the eligible patients enrolled in cancer studies, receive advanced treatments and participate in the decision making for further treatment of their disease.

    • Multidisciplinary care: Accord has a complete team of oncologists and specialized health professionals of medical oncology who work closely to provide an accurate diagnosis and individualized care plan for the patients.
    • Focused: The oncologists at Accord provide a personalized and focused care to their patients. They are committed to focusing on both personal as well as medical requirements of cancer patients by providing a huge range of services for both the patient as well as their families.

    Dr. Parveen Mendiratta

    Dr. Parveen Mendiratta

    Specialist:     Surgical Oncologist
    Experience:  15+ years of experience
    Hospital:       Accord Superspeciality Hospital

    About Doctor:

    • Dr. Parveen Mendiratta is currently working as Senior Consultant at Accord Superspeciality Hospital Faridabad.
    • Dr. Parveen Mendiratta is a well known Surgical Oncologist.
    • Dr. Parveen’s overall experience is 15 years and as a specialist Surgical Oncologist is over 10 years.

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      Accord Superspeciality Hospital Faridabad Delhi NCR

      Accord Superspeciality Hospital

      Number of beds:   380+
      ICU Beds:                  41
      Airport Distance:  46 Km

      About Hospital:

      • The story of Accord began with the thought of leveraging the new age technology with the healthcare infrastructure to serve the patients, rightly, effectively, and timely.
      • Accord Superspeciality Hospital (A Unit Of SCL Healthcare Pvt. Ltd) is India’s first smart hospital and one of the first of its kind in the world.
      • Accord Superspeciality Hospital aims at providing technologically advanced healthcare services to international patients who are looking out for medical tourism in India.

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