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Pediatric Ophthalmology in The Sight Avenue New Delhi

Pediatric Ophthalmology is a subspecialty of ophthalmology that relates to vision care and eye syndromes in kids. Since good vision is an elementary prerequisite for academic performance and social interaction and influences every facet of a child’s life, regular eye examinations are a must. Common eye problems experienced by kids include vision-related issues (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism), conjunctivitis (also known as pink eye), eye rubbing, misalignment of the eyes (a condition known as squint), watering of eyes, etc. At Sight Avenue, the best pediatric ophthalmology hospital in Delhi, we aim to treat children with their eye care needs most comfortably and engagingly.

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    Pediatric eye disease treatment

    Pediatric eye specialist diagnoses, treat and manage all eye problems suffered by children. Common vision and eye-related treatments for pediatric eye disease provided by the Sight Avenue hospital include-

    • Childhood eye exams and vision screening recommendations include prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses
    • Lazy eye or amblyopia therapy includes glasses, patching, or surgical treatment
    • Glaucoma/ congenital glaucoma treatment
    • Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP)- retinal examination and laser treatment
    • Corneal abrasion- scratch on the surface of the cornea

    It is very important to diagnose and treat these eye issues in newborns as early as possible. If not treated in the initial six months of birth, then there is the possibility of the child being visually impaired for his/her entire life. The strong reason behind this is that the nerves and the muscles connecting the eyes to the brain are still developing so if not treated on time, can lead to permanent damage to the eyes.


    Refractive Errors are conditions like nearsightedness, and farsightedness that can develop at an early stage. For kids, we offer comprehensive checkups for quick diagnosis. We offer spectacles, lenses, and other treatment options for the treatment and management of focusing power among children. Our pediatric specialists are trained to help children engage in the whole process. Read more about refractive error management here.


    Squint is a condition when one eye wanders in a way that the two eyes don’t work in sync. It can cause double vision and other eye complications. If detected early, squint can be treated at an early age. We offer prescription glasses, corrective surgery, and patching solutions for the management of squint. Read more about squint management here. To know more about squint treatment in Delhi, contact our best pediatric eye specialist in Delhi today.


    When the communication between the eye and brain is affected, it can lead to distorted vision commonly called Lazy Eye. This is a developmental condition and involves both the eye and the brain for complete treatment. We offer therapeutic and surgical treatment for the management of lazy eye treatment in Delhi. Read more about lazy eye management here.

    Pediatric eye disease surgical procedures

    Surgical procedures performed by the pediatric ophthalmologists at the Sight Avenue hospital include-

    • Squint surgery- eye muscle surgery to correct misaligned eyes, crossed eyes, or wall eyes
    • Blocked tear duct surgery- to address the blocked tear duct in children
    • Pediatric cataracts- cataracts can be congenital or acquired
    • Glaucoma cataract extraction- pediatric cataract extraction and replacement with intraocular lenses in children suffering from glaucoma
    • Eyelid cysts excision- excision of the eyelid cyst or the eyelid margin cyst
    • Congenital ptosis surgery- drooping eyelids


    In growing kids, good vision is a necessity for appropriate development, both mental and physical. If there are vision complications, identifying them early can ensure well-timed treatment. A reputable ophthalmologist, besides routine examinations and lens fittings, provides care and treatment for an array of sight-related issues in kids such as infections, and refractive errors. Blocked tear ducts, Eye injury, lazy eye, squint, and much more. At The Sight Avenue, we have a crew of devoted Pediatric Specialists to cater to your kid’s unique ophthalmic needs.


    With the most spectacular setup, The Sight Avenue offers advanced and regular eye care for children. You can start regular checkups, plan treatments and get a comprehensive diagnosis of your child’s eye care needs. To know more about pediatric eye specialist in Delhi, schedule an appointment today if your kid is experiencing any of these symptoms-

    • Sudden eye pain
    • Headache
    • Blurred vision
    • The appearance of halos around lights

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      The Sight Avenue

      The Sight Avenue New Delhi

      Airport Distance: 15 kms from Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi.

      About Hospital:

      • The Sight Avenue is the best eye hospital in North India.
      • The Sight Avenue has experienced super-specialist doctors, smart diagnostic tools, and an advanced ophthalmologic surgical
      • setup has helped In the single-day special eye treatment procedure.

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