Fostering emotional wellbeing is the mission of Paras Institute of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology. A multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists and trained nurses use the latest therapies to provide support to people struggling with anxiety, depression and other complicated mental disorders such as schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disease and bipolar disorder. The institute also provides counselling support for rehabilitation post-surgery or trauma and de- addiction services for those trying to give up drinking or smoking.

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    • Paras Institute of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology has well developed programs for providing expertise, counselling support for child psychology- ADD, shyness, stage fright, hyperactivity, lack of concentration and anxiety issues.
    • Paras Institute of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology is the first to introduce Biofeedback therapy technique. Biofeedback is a recommended evidence-based behavioural treatment option for the prevention of migraine.
    • The trained Psychologists and Psychiatrists of Paras Institute of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology provide support for rehabilitation post surgeries or trauma, de addiction, anti smoking programs and alcohol de addiction. The experts provide guidance and support to geriatric patients, their relatives and support distressed patients coping with infertility, diabetes, cancer, HIV AIDS, pre and post surgery trauma.
    • Paras Institute of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology provide professional, counselling and medical support to patients suffering from anxiety issues, depression, phobias, etc.
    • Paras Institute of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology has well developed programs for providing women with emotional support- post pregnancy, before pregnancy and during menopause. The Institute and its experts are also supported by a tram of gynaecologist who ensure that along with counselling the right medical support is also provided.


    Biofeedback significantly and substantially reduces the pain and psychological symptoms of highly chronic patients within the scope of only 11 sessions. Thus, Biofeedback can be recommended as an evidence-based behavioral treatment option for the prevention of migraine. Paras Institute of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology has a well developed program for providing Biofeedback Therapy.

    This is useful for:

    • Patients who prefer non-drug interventions
    • Poor tolerance to specific drugs
    • Insufficient or no response to drug therapy
    • Pregnancy, planned pregnancy, or nursing
    • Other medical contraindications for specific drugs
    • History of long-term, frequent, or excessive use of pain medications that can aggravate headache problems (or lead to decreased responsiveness to other drugs)
    • Patients who have significant stress and/or poor stress-management skills.

    Paras Institute of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology is the first for having Biofeedback Therapy with the international standards and the latest technology.

    The therapy is done by our certified and experienced Senior Clinical Psychologist.

    Biofeedback is also a very effectively for other disorders like writer’s cramp, anxiety in adults and children, Insomnia, Chronic back pain, chronic shoulder pain,  Shortness of breath due to stress,  stammering, examination fear, Functional gastro disorders like recurrent abdominal pain and stress management.


    Paras Institute of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology provides treatment for:

    • Acute stress reaction
    • Addiction Medicine- smoking, opiate de addiction and alcohol de addiction.
    • Anxiety disorders
    • Generalized anxiety disorder
    • Panic disorder
    • Phobias / Social anxiety disorder
    • Post traumatic stress disorder
    • Obsessive compulsive disorder
    • Depression
    • Child development and support psychology
    • Women support- pre and post pregnancy, menopause stage.
    • Post surgery counselling

    The Institute also provides services to corporate and organizations for workplace enhancement. Corporate training is provided for creating happier and healthier life work at work. Support is also provided to schools, teachers and staff members. Child behaviour expert training is also provided by the Institute.


    To know more about the psychologists, psychiatrists, child psychology specialists, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, bio-feedback therapy and associated cost or estimate of treatment for addictive nature, compulsive nature, depression, anxiety,etc, please share your request and reports.