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Pulmonology In Accord Superspeciality Hospital Faridabad Delhi India

The Department of Pulmonology at Accord Super Speciality Hospital is equipped with modern day cutting-edge technologies to prevent and treat respiratory illnesses. Our expert pulmonologists have expertise in treating respiratory conditions. They work with our team of highly qualified surgical and medical experts to provide specialised care to every individual patient. The entire team works to provide accurate diagnoses and the best treatment for each patient.

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    Know About Our Experts

    Our Pulmonology department comprises a dedicated team of doctors, consultants, nurses, physiotherapists, physiologists, and other healthcare experts. This team ensures comprehensive care for each patient. Every member is an expert in his field and has mastery in treating different pulmonary issues. Our doctors and staff members take care of everything, beginning from your admission to the hospital to your discharge.

    We ensure accurate diagnosis, efficient medical management, the best procedures and treatment, and fast recovery care for all our patients. We have different specialists for different pulmonary issues like asthma services, COPD services, lung cancer and infections services, etc. For diagnosis, we also provide various testing services like bronchoscopy, EBUS, thoracoscopy, Cryotherapy, skin prick test Overnight Diagnostic Polysomnogram (PSG) or Sleep Study, Lung Diffusion Capacity

    When you choose us, you decide to say goodbye to all your lung and respiratory ailments. No matter what disease you have, we will walk with you in your entire journey of getting better and healthier. With our best diet plans, lifestyle changes, effective medications and treatment, we try to give our 100% to make you feel better with each passing day.

    Subspecialties under the Pulmonology Department

    At Accord Hospital, we have many subspecialties are available:

    • Interventional Pulmonology: It is an advanced unit where we diagnose and treat various respiratory diseases like airway conditions, pleural effusions, lung cancer, ILD, Sarcoidosis, TB. It includes several procedures like thoracentesis, cryotherapy bronchoscopy, EBUS guided Fnac, etc.
    • Clinical Pulmonology: It is a specialised unit that provides comprehensive care to patients suffering from all kinds of lung diseases. Pulmonologists under this unit work with a team of critical care units and sleep medicine specialists to ensure optimum care for each patient.
    • Sleep Disorder: This advanced unit focuses on the diagnosis, management, and treatment of patients with various sleep disorders. We provide many treatment options and counselling for patients that face symptoms of sleep disorders. such as difficulty in falling asleep, difficulty maintaining sleep, and quality of sleep. This unit provides services such as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Therapy, Maintenance of Wakefulness Testing (MWT), sleep study.
    • Pulmonary Function Test: This unit focuses on evaluating different lung diseases with the help of various pulmonary tests. We have a specialised laboratory equipped with modern technologies that help to diagnose and monitor several lung diseases. With pulmonary function tests, our pulmonologists measure the capacity and volume of the lung, the rate of flow and the gas exchange.
    • Pulmonary Medicine: The pulmonary medicine unit focuses on diagnosing and treating various lung diseases with non-invasive & minimally invasive methods. Expert Pulmonologists diagnose a particular respiratory disease and prescribe certain medications and lifestyle changes to the patient as a part of the treatment.

    Procedures and Facilities for Respiratory Diseases

    There are a variety of respiratory diseases that affect many people in India. These diseases affect different respiratory organs and need special procedures. Some of these procedures are:

    Oxygen Therapy

    It is a procedure where we provide oxygen support via different O2 delivery units to patients who face problems in normal breathing e.g. in Asthma, COPD, Pneumonia, OSA

    Bronchoscopy and Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS)

    It is a minimally invasive procedure to diagnose and look for respiratory illnesses like lung cancer, tuberculosis, pneumonia, ILDs, and inflammation in or around the chest.


    It is a minimally invasive procedure where a doctor inserts a thin tube in the pleural space to remove excess air, fluid or blood. This procedure is also known as chest drain.

    Pulmonary Endarterectomy

    It is an operation to remove collected blood clots from the pulmonary vasculature in the lungs. These vessels supply blood to the lungs, and the formation of blood clots in them cause’s blockages.

    Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme

    It is a rehab program that provides education and awareness of various lung diseases. Experts guide different breathing exercises for patients with respiratory problems.

    Lung Volume Reduction Surgery

    It is a surgical procedure to remove parts of diseased or affected lung tissue. This removal ensures creating extra space for healthy lung tissues to expand.

    Allergy Shots for Asthma

    It is a treatment for patients with allergic asthma and is also known as immunotherapy. These shots are like vaccines that contain allergens a patient is allergic to, and desensitize them against troubling allergens.

    Sleep Study

    To help patients who have excessive day time sleepiness, Frequent night time Awakening, loud snoring, especially in obese people that can lead to cardio pulmonary complication uncontrolled blood pressure, poorly controlled diabetes, poor sensorium lethargy to improve quality of life.

    Ventilatory Support

    It means that a patient that faces complete difficulty in breathing needs ventilator support. Ventilation is a machine that helps a patient to breathe and supports the breathing process.

    Medical Management

    It is a process of managing or treating pulmonary disease with certain drugs and medicines. If a condition isn’t severe and we can treat it with medications, it doesn’t need surgery.

    dr. rohit mukherjee

    Dr. Rohit Mukherjee

    Specialist:     Pulmonologist & Sleep Medicine
    Experience:  11+ years of experience
    Hospital:       Accord Superspeciality Hospital

    About Doctor:

    • Dr. Rohit Mukherjee is currently working at Accord Superspeciality Hospital Faridabad.
    • Dr. Rohit Mukherjee is a well known Interventional Pulmonologist.
    • Dr. Rohit Mukherjee’s overall experience is 11 years and 5 years in the field of Pulmonology.

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      Accord Superspeciality Hospital Faridabad Delhi NCR

      Accord Superspeciality Hospital

      Number of beds:   380+
      ICU Beds:                  41
      Airport Distance:  46 Km

      About Hospital:

      • The story of Accord began with the thought of leveraging the new age technology with the healthcare infrastructure to serve the patients, rightly, effectively, and timely.
      • Accord Superspeciality Hospital (A Unit Of SCL Healthcare Pvt. Ltd) is India’s first smart hospital and one of the first of its kind in the world.
      • Accord Superspeciality Hospital aims at providing technologically advanced healthcare services to international patients who are looking out for medical tourism in India.

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