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Transfusion medicine In Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital Mumbai

Transfusion medicine is a multidisciplinary area concerned with the appropriate use of blood and blood components in the treatment of human diseases. No other department in a hospital carries the same degree of responsibility as that of the blood bank, for in no other department has two way responsibility to blood donors as recipients.

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    Our goals are to annihilate the scarcity for blood and ensure availability of safe Blood Components round the clock and to motivate and maintain a permanent well-indexed record of voluntary blood donors.

    Standards in techniques and quality control are precisely and meticulously maintained as per norms given in the Drugs and Cosmetics Acts, by the regulatory authority, Director Drugs Controller (India), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, and also internationally recommended methods. The department runs round the clock and blood and its products are supplied as and when requested. Blood donation is accepted from voluntary blood donors and the relatives & friends of the patients. Autologous blood donation (blood donation for one’s own use) is also accepted. The blood donors are informed and educated about testing of the infections transmitted by the transfusion of blood components. 100% of collected blood is processed into components like Red cells concentrate, Platelet concentrate, Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) and Cryoprecipitate. The use of components is better and cost effective.

    Services Offered

    Diagnostic services

    With the routine Blood grouping and cross matching we offer Antibody screen & identification and Extended Rh Kell phenotying. These test are performed on automated (Immucor and Autovue) platforms.

    Therapeutic services

    Therapeutic procedures such as therapeutic phlebotomy and plasma exchange are done. DTM is part of Blood & Organ Transplant departments and offer peripheral Blood stem cell (PBSC) harvest, cryopreservation and infusion as part of the stem cell therapy for variety of disorders.

    We provide following Blood components.

    Leukocytes-Reduced Red Cell Components – Donors leukocytes present in cellular blood components are linked to wide range of transfusion adverse reactions mainly non-hemolytic reactions, HLA alloimmunisation and platelet refractoriness. Methodology adapted to prepare leukocytes reduced components are by using Top and Bottom quadruple Inline Filter bags and OPTI System. As a thumb rule one unit would increase the hemoglobin by 1 gm%

    Platelet concentrates (PC) – Platelet concentrate is Platelets in around 60-80 ml of plasma. The indications are lack of platelets or dysfunctional platelets. Platelets are prepared from platelet rich plasma-platelet yield is 5*1010, from buffy coat – platelet yield is ≥ 6-7*1010 with leukocytes reduced to ≤ 107 (log 1, 99% leuko-reduction) and plateletapheresis.

    Aphaeresis, Platelets (SDP) is more potent and effective type of platelet concentrate in around 250-300 ml of plasma, platelet yield is 3*1011. Though the indications are same as PC it would increase the platelet count by 30000-60000/cu mm in a patient.

    Fresh Frozen Plasma – FFP is transfused to patients with life threatening bleeding disorders and coagulo-pathy. It is useful to patients with DIC, liver disease, plasma exchange and patients undergoing massive transfusion.

    Cryoprecipitate – Patients suffering from acute disseminated intravascular coagulation, advanced liver disease, renal or liver failure are transfused Cryoprecipitate.

    Saline Washed Packed Red Cells : Red cells are washed using sterile normal saline. This component is transfused to patients with Thalassemia, Serum IgA deficiency, hypersensitivity to plasma proteins etc.

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