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Male Infertility Treatment in India

What is Male Infertility?

Male infertility is the problem of the reproductive system in males due to low sperm production, abnormality in the function of the sperm, and blockages that prevent the delivery of sperm, which as a result, makes the person unable to have children.

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    Symptoms of Male Infertility:

    • Lower than normal sperm count
    • Pain or swelling in the testicle area
    • Changes and the problem with sexual function
    • Hormonal abnormality and decrease in facial or body hairs
    • Small and firm testicles and issue with ejaculation
    • Inability to smell (very rare)

    Causes of infertility:

    • Swelling in the vein which is responsible for testicle drain (Varicocele)
    • Infection that can interfere with sperm production and sperm health
    • Medications like antifungal medication, cancer medication, and other medications that can affect male fertility.
    • Hormone imbalance
    • Ejaculation issues

    Diagnosis process:

    Before beginning with the treatment, it is essential to go through several tests and prognosis to understand the problem and situation better. It will help the doctor to suggest the appropriate treatment for the condition.

    To begin with, the doctor takes a brief about the family history and the medical history of the patient. Any injury or surgery can be an essential factor that leads to infertility.

    A general physical health examination, where the doctor performs several general tests and will enquire about the sexual habit and other related questions.

    Semen Analysis:

    This is for knowing the sperm count of the patient. The patient collects the semen in a container, and the semen gets checked in a laboratory.

    Hormone testing:

    Hormone testing checks the functioning and abnormalities in the hypothalamus, pituitary glands, and testicles because they play an important role in semen production.
    The function test is about speed, survival time, and capacity of sperm to penetrate after ejaculation.

    Transrectal ultrasound:

    Infertility can be a result of blockage in the reproductive system. Transrectal ultrasound helps to know the blockage in the reproductive system.

    Male Infertility Treatment:

    With the advancement in medical science, many options have been open to treat male infertility, which were very limited in earlier times. Both surgical and nonsurgical methods work for the ones who face difficulty in having biological offspring. Let’s see how:


    Surgery is best for patients who are suffering from varicocele. The surgical method corrects the vein, which interrupts the testicle drain,that was leading to infertility. There are certain cases where no sperm is present during ejaculation; in that case, surgery can retrieve sperm directly from the testicles with the use of sperm retrieval techniques.

    Infection Treatment:

    There may be chances of infertility because of infection in the reproductive system. Antibiotic treatment helps in treating the infection.

    Sexual problems:

    Sexual problems resulting in ejaculation difficulty can be treated with medication. In some cases, counseling also helps.

    Hormone treatment:

    In many cases, infertility is the result of high or low levels of hormone and also how the body uses certain hormones. In such cases, hormone replacement and medications can help.

    ATR (Assisted Reproductive Technology):

    The treatment involves the insertion of sperm in the female genital tract after obtaining sperm through normal ejaculation, or from a donor.

    Cost of Male infertility Treatment in India:

    The total cost of Male infertility Treatment in India starts from around USD 2,000,

    Success Rate:

    There is an 80% success rate Male Infertility treatment in India.
    Male infertility treatment In India is a two days procedure in the hospital, and patients need to stay for almost fifteen days in India.

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