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About Us

About Us!

Yashfiin Health is a leading medical travel consultant company in India that helps foreign patients seeking medical treatment in India with the complete package of their treatment and accommodation. It is Yashfiin Health’s priority to provide trouble-free, high-quality and low-cost treatment with excellent services.

The idea behind starting

It is natural for anyone to get sick and sometimes to face serious medical problems. In this condition, the question arises here in one’s mind: where is the quality healthcare with experienced doctors available and how to solve this issue and get there? In order to answer these questions, we started to make a single platform as a medical consultant company by collecting relevant information about Indian doctors and hospitals for our patients who are looking for the treatment in India.

For the past few years, Yashfiin has been providing the best medical facilities to its medical travellers to help them improve their healthcare. Our aim is to take good care of our patients, from the time they contact us for finding their doctor, to getting the best treatment at their chosen healthcare destination, to returning safely to their home country. They just have to get in touch with us, and we will take care of rest.

What makes us different from others?

There are various factors which make us different from other medical tourism companies.

  • Yashfiin provides excellent personal care to its patients by considering them a family member.
  • We carefully choose the right doctor and hospital for our patient as per his medical problem as well as his budget without compromising on the quality of treatment.
  • It is our priority to see the patient who contacts us, happy and healthy once he returns to his country.
  • We want every individual who gets in touch with us, takes some benefits from our long experience in the field of medical services.

Yashfiin provides Second medical opinion:

When anyone has a diagnosis in hand, we get anxious. There is always a need to consult another doctor- to get our doubts cleared, to get reassured. At Yashfin Pvt Ltd, we will get you contacted with not just one doctor, but multiple so that you can have all the information and clear doubts if any. A complete review of your diagnosis and treatment plan to help you take the right medical decisions.

Accommodation and Medical Visa Services:

Anything related to comfortable stay in India, we have that. We provide you with local SIM cards, local guidebooks, local guide (On Demand) and assist you with selecting the right hotels. What best, we have local translators who will be available to help you with hospitals for treatment purposes and for tourism purposes as well. We help the patients with visa invitation letters to get a medical visa and sometimes we guide them how to apply for the visa in their home country. We also provide online visa application services for the countries eligible for e-visa.

Inbound Tourism:

India’s heritage, culture and fascinating travel destination, it is not just an amazing place for healthcare services but also for tourism. So, when you will be visiting India for your treatment, we would not want you to miss the amazing places India has to offer, so that you heal from within. All the information and amenities you need to explore the best, we will manage your complete itinerary.

Get Opinion From Doctor

    We offers these Services

    • Providing a doctor’s opinion and proper quotation
    • Selecting the best hospital and doctor as per your case
    • Arranging a call with the doctor (if the case required)
    • Visa assistance, Providing Visa Invitation Letter (VIL)
    • Providing full guidance how to get Visa from your country
    • Providing total cost including treatment, air tickets, accommodation, and food
    • Assitance to book flight ticket from your country
    • Arranging airport pick up/ drop
    • Providing professional language interpreter
    • Booking accommodation and guest house as per your budget/ prefrence
    • Providing help in money exchanging
    • Providing local sim card
    • Arranging video consultation with specialist doctor if case requires

    Why Choose Us?

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    Note : Yashfiin provides you the right information for medical tourism in India Yashfiin Health Consult.

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