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Liver Transplant and Biliary Sciences In Max Super Specialist Hospital Patparganj

In liver transplant surgery, the patient’s old liver is removed completely and a new one from a liver donor is put in the same place after joining the blood vessels and the bile duct. The donor liver can be from a dead person where usually the whole liver is transplanted or more commonly it is from a family member who donates part of his or her liver. Although we only have one liver in our body, liver can now be safely divided in to 2 parts so that one part can be taken out for transplantation and the remaining liver is sufficient for the donor. Both these portions can regenerate quickly to its original size though the shape will become different. Liver transplant is reserved for those whose liver disease has progressed so much that their general condition is critical. Generally, these are patients who have exhausted other forms of treatment or side by side have developed liver cancer. In cadaveric transplant, the wait can be unpredictable and some patients will die while waiting for a donor liver. On the other hand, living donor liver transplant can be done when the patient really needs it and when the entire team is available as it is a planned operation.

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    Max Centre for Liver Transplant and Biliary Sciences is one the busiest and a very popular destination for liver transplantation in India. Many patients from overseas chose to come here for their treatment as the outcomes has been phenomenally successful. This has been possible because the Centre has experienced doctors and the entire team has established in liver transplantation in India way back in 2001. A team of 200 members with 20 years of experience have done 2600 plus transplants and this team is now based in Max Centre for Liver and Biliary Sciences at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket & Vaishali. Max hospital ensures that the patient receives the intense care during and after the surgery. Currently, the success rate of Liver transplant is over 95% and ten year survival is over 80%.

    Liver failure can occur rapidly, in a matter of weeks (acute liver failure), or it can occur slowly over months and years (chronic liver failure). There are different causes for liver failure such as chronic viral infection with B and C virus, liver tumor, alcoholism, fatty liver, bile duct abnormalities (primary biliary cholangitis, primary sclerosing cholangitis and biliary duct atresia). Hepatitis B and C are the two most common infections across the world. Luckily there is an effective vaccine for hepatitis B and cure by drugs for hepatitis C. Primary Liver Cancer develops in chronically diseased livers and sometimes develops rapidly so that no treatment is possible. If picked up on screening when the size is small, liver transplant can cure these patients.

    Across the globe most potential recipients are curious to know how life will be after transplant. In brief the life is exactly the same as before with minor restrictions such eating hygienically prepared food, live in clean surroundings and do regular tests as advised by the doctor and comply with immunosuppressive medications.

    Dr. Sharat Varma

    Dr. Sharat Varma

    Specialist:     Pediatrics Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Liver Transplantation Surgeon
    Experience:   15+years of experience
    Hospital:        Max Hospital Patparganj

    About Doctor:

    • Sharat Varma is the head for pediatrics gastroenterology, hepatology and liver transplantation at the Centre for Liver and Biliary Sciences (CLBS), Max hospitals in Delhi.
    • He has experience of more than 1000 liver transplants and has treated children with complex GI, pancreas and liver diseases for more than one decade while working in Europe, USA and India.
    • The pediatric gastroenterology and hepatology service at CLBS is one of the largest units in the country providing the world’s most advanced diagnostic tests, endoscopic procedures, treatment options and does more than 250 liver transplants annually, with many “firsts” to its name.

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