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Pulmonology In W Pratiksha Hospital Gurgaon Delhi India

The Department provides sophisticated, compassionate, and expert care to patients suffering with Respiratory and Sleep Disorders. Quality patient care is optimized through a multidisciplinary team approach, which includes pulmonologists, nurses, physical therapists, pharmacists, nutrition specialists, and social workers. It has the capability for the evaluation & management of the entire range of acute & chronic respiratory diseases such as Asthma and respiratory allergies, COPD, ILD, Tuberculosis, Sarcoidosis, Bronchiectasis, Lung cancer, Auto immune disorders, sleep related disorders and chest wall disorders. The Department is integrated with the department of critical care in order to provide comprehensive care to patients requiring life support. A team of highly qualified intensive care specialists are available round the clock.

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    An Integrated approach for Asthmatic patient where complete care is offered to the patients including diagnosis, treatment, self management of asthma, asthma action plan, exercise training, identification of triggers, vaccination etc.


    All COPD patients are offered complete approach towards improvement in their quality of life and lung health, ranging from diagnosis, treatment, pulmonary rehabilitation (guided by experts in the field). Emphasis is laid upon early identification of symptoms, regular followup, vaccination etc.


    ILD is a rare disease and we work towards its early diagnosis through required investigations as well as clinical experience. ILD is managed by experts via evidence based practice. Exercising is the corner stone in the treatment and these patients are offered the best exercise regime pertaining to the fitness of the patient.


    We offer special lung health training program for individuals suffering with chronic/acute lung diseases. Pulmonary rehabilitation is an evidence based exercise training program including techniques to clear lung from the sputum,breathlessness coping strategies,dietary guidance, counselling,education etc.


    Our department provides individualized treatment to patients for inhalation therapy. Each patient is given timeto choose inhalers along with correct technique administration. All patients are followed up for their techniqueofusing the inhalersin routinevisits.


    Quitting smoking is a concern for many. Seventy percent of smokers would like to quit smoking, and 50 percent report attempting to quit within the past year.Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death worldwide. Tobacco cessation significantly reduces the risk of dying from tobacco-related diseases such as coronary heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer. Due to its link to many chronic diseases, cigarette smoking has been restricted in many public areas.

    We provide guided advice and assistance without having to quit abruptly through various techniques eg., behavioral counseling, medications such as bupropion, cytisine, nicotine replacement therapy, or varenicline. Most smokers who try to quit do so without assistance, though only 3% to 6% of quit attempts without assistance are successful long-term.


    Vaccinations are given to produce immunity against a disease. All patients whohave chronic lung diseaseare provided with vaccination to protect their lungs from common flu thereby preventing lung infection and detrition in the lung health


    Sleep Apnea is a condition where an individual stops breathing while asleep and often complaints of excessive daytimesleepiness, fatigue, morningheadaches, loss of daytime productivity etc. Our experts in sleep physicians diagnose a wide range of such disorders and offer the best recommended treatment through international guidelines. The clinic care encompasses treatment of many sleep disorders eg., obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea, mixed sleep apnea, delayed phase syndrome, insomnia, hypersomnia, restless syndrome, narcolepsy etc.


    Special diagnostic services are provided for individuals who have complaints of snoring and may have potential sleep apnea. Wehave a dedicated sleep lab where patients are screened for sleep disorders.

    Dr. Neeraj Gupta

    Dr. Neeraj Gupta

    Specialist:     Pulmonologist
    Experience: 19+ years of experience
    Hospital:       W Pratiksha Hospital

    About Doctor:

    • Senior Consultant Pulmonology & ICU Head
    • Dr. Neeraj is currently working at W Pratiksha Hospital Gurgaon.
    • Dr. Neeraj’s overall experience is 24 years and as a specialist of Pulmonology is over 19 years.

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      W Pratiksha Hospital

      W Pratiksha Hospital Gurgaon

      Number of beds: 110
      ICU Beds:                 31
      Airport Distance: 19 KMs

      About Hospital:

      • Established in 1995, W Pratiksha Hospital is a 110+ bedded flagship hospital of the Pratiksha group.
      • W Pratiksha Hospital in Gurgaon, the flagship hospital of Pratiksha Group is a one-of-its-kind facility in Gurgaon that brings to you 30 years of experience.
      • The hospital has treated more than 25,000 people In 2018.

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