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Liver Transplant in India

What is a Liver Transplant?

A liver transplant is surgery to replace a diseased liver with a healthy liver from another person. A whole liver may be transplanted, or just part of one.
In most cases the healthy liver will come from an organ donor who has just died.
Sometimes a healthy living person will donate part of their liver. A living donor may be a family member. Or it may be someone who is not related to you but whose blood type is a good match.
People who donate part of their liver can have healthy lives with the liver that is left.
The liver is the only organ in the body that can replace lost or injured tissue (regenerate). The donor’s liver will soon grow back to normal size after surgery. The part that you receive as a new liver will also grow to normal size in a few weeks.
A liver transplant is a surgical procedure that removes a liver that does not work properly anymore (liver failure) and substitutes a healthy liver from a donor.
Liver transplantation is for patients who have complications following chronic end-stage liver disease. A liver transplant may also be a treatment option in the rare event that a healthy liver suddenly fails.
The number of patients waiting for a liver transplant far exceeds the count of deceased donors available.
The live donor liver transplant is an alternative to waiting for the availability of a deceased donor liver. Transplantation of the liver by a living donor is possible because the human liver grows and returns to normal size soon after a little of it is removed.

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    What does the Liver do?

    The liver is located on the right side of the abdomen and weighs approximately 1500 g.
    The liver is composed of two large parts, called the right and left lobes. The gallbladder is located below the liver, along with the pancreas and intestines. The liver and these organs work hand in hand to digest, absorb and process food.
    The liver is the body’s largest internal organ, performs a variety of important functions, including 

    • Preventing infections
    • Removing bacteria and toxins from the blood
    • Controlling immune responses
    • Processing nutrients, medications, and hormones
    • Making proteins that help the blood clot
    • Producing bile, which helps the body absorb fats including cholesterol and fat-soluble vitamins
    • Storing vitamins, minerals, fats, and sugars for use by the body

    What are the signs and symptoms of liver failure?

    The signs and symptoms of liver failure may include

    • jaundice, a condition that causes yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes
    • fatigue
    • weakness
    • loss of appetite
    • nausea
    • weight loss
    • muscle loss
    • itching
    • bruising or bleeding easily because
    • blood does not clot
    • bleeding in the stomach
    • vomiting blood
    • passing black stools
    • ascites, the buildup of fluid in the
    • abdomen
    • forgetfulness or confusion

    What are the different types of liver transplants?

    A liver transplant can be done in three different ways:

    Deceased organ donation

    It includes the transplantation of a liver that is taken from a recently deceased person.

    Living donor liver transplant

    A section of the liver is removed from a living donor because the liver can regenerate itself, both the transplanted section and the remaining section of the donor’s liver can regrow into a normal-sized liver.

    Split donation

    A recently deceased person’s liver is removed and split into two pieces; each piece is transplanted into a different person, where it will grow to normal size.

    What investigations are typically done before a Liver Transplantation?

    Blood Tests

    To check your general health, blood group, and tissue type, you’ll need a lot of blood tests.

    Blood group:
    In order to find a suitable donor, you’ll need to know your blood group.This is a straightforward blood test.Your donor must have the same blood group as you.

    Organ and blood functions:
    Blood tests will be performed to determine the function of your kidneys, liver, and blood clotting ability.

    Infection and general health:
    Your blood will be tested for infection and diseases (such as HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C) as well as to keep track of your overall health.

    Antibody tests

    Your doctor will need to check your blood for antibodies as these antibodies can push the body to reject transplanted liver.
    If you’ve had a blood transfusion, pregnancy, or transplant, you may develop antibodies. It’s extremely difficult to get rid of these antibodies once they’ve formed. Some liver transplants may be rejected as a result of these antibodies.
    If you have these antibodies in your blood, the team caring for you will let you know and explain how they might affect a liver transplant.
    Antibodies in your blood make it more difficult to find a suitable liver donor. This will almost certainly result in a longer wait for a transplant.

    Heart, lung, blood vessel, and specialist tests

    Your doctor will want to know how well your heart and lungs are.
    Moreover, the doctor would like to ensure that you are not having any cancer or infections.

    Why would you require a liver transplant?

    Patients with the following conditions may require a liver transplant:

    • Alcoholism causes liver damage (Alcoholic cirrhosis)
    • Hepatocellular carcinoma, Hepatoblastoma, HilarCholangiocarcinoma, and other liver cancers
    • Primary biliary cirrhosis
    • Active infection (hepatitis B or C) that has been active for a long time (chronic infection)
    • Liver (hepatic) vein clot (thrombosis)
    • Birth defects of the liver or bile ducts (biliary atresia)
    • Metabolic disorders associated with liver failure (e.g., Wilson’s disease)

    Who could be a good liver donor?

    • Biological siblings are usually the best donors alive because of matching. 
    • Have the same blood group.
    • The donor should be in good physical and mental health.
    • The donor must be at least 18 years old and under 55 years old.
    • The donor must not be obese or have fatty liver.

    What are the different types of Liver Transplant Surgery?

    Orthotopic Liver Transplant

    The entire liver is taken from a recently deceased donor and used to replace the damaged liver of the recipient. This is the most commonly used method; however, the list of recipients is long and it is an anxious wait.

    Living Donor Transplant

    The liver from a living donor is taken out and given to the receipt. This method is mostly opted for; however, the mandate is to find a donor match.

    Split Liver Transplant

    The entire liver is taken from the deceased individual, split, and given to two recipients. This method benefits not one but two patients.

    Auxiliary Liver Transplant

    In this procedure, the liver is not completely replaced, but the damaged portion is removed. The liver recovers itself with partial transplant.


    India has a wide range of hospitals to choose from; that offer care and treatment according to one’s budget. With the advancement in the field of medicine, hospitals also try their best to bring down the cost to make treatment cost-effective and available to all strata of society.
    There is also the promising possibility of choosing doctors whose expertise and experience will help you heal better. The cost differs greatly based on the chosen surgeon and hospital.

    Guidelines for a Liver transplant in India

    To take advantage of liver transplantation in India, there are some guidelines, steps, and protocols that are enforced by the government. 

    • The donor and the recipient must be related to each other.
    • The donor should be in the age range of 18 to 55 years preferably.
    • It is advisable that living donors should be mentally healthy.
    • A physically fit donor with no diseases improves outcomes.
    • Recipient and donor should apply to the Chairman, Authorization Committee, Jeevandan AP in Form-11 & treatment certificate given by the treating Nephrologist and Urologist and Transplant Surgeon / Liver Transplant Surgeon along with necessary documents for granting permission for transplantation.
    • The application should be forwarded by the Hospital Administrator / Medical Superintendent/ Medical Director of the hospital concerned where the transplantation is proposed to be carried out along with all necessary documents. The decision of the committee will be sent to the hospital from which hospital the application is forwarded, but not directly to the recipient.
    • Family structure certificates should include self, father, mother, brother(s), sister(s), spouse, son(s), and daughter(s) with name, age, and address.
    • The permission given is valid for a particular patient and donor, the hospital, doctors (Nephrologist and Transplant Surgeon) from which the application is forwarded to the committee and cannot be transferable.
    • No foreigner can undergo transplantation with an Indian donor. They can bring the donor from their country of origin duly certified/forwarded by their Embassy for transplantation in India.
    • A certificate of non-objection is issued to the patient by the high commission of the patient’s country of origin in India, which is then presented to the hospital.
    • Cases submitted to the transplant board for authorization. The patient shall submit all necessary documents for the approval of the Transplant Committee.
    • Lastly approval of the Committee

    Liver transplant cost in India

    The cost of liver transplant in India starts at $25,500 – $33236
    Liver transplantation hospitals in India promise good health treatments at competitive costs than the rest of the world.
    A liver transplant is a major surgery that requires the use of high-tech instruments, medicines, and medical consumables, along with a highly trained medical staff.

    What is the success rate of liver transplants in India?

    With about a 95% success rate for liver transplantation in India, you can be assured of exceptional quality and holistic care.
    The life expectancy of 95% of our patients who underwent live donor liver transplantation was increased by 5 years, while about 80% saw an increased life expectancy by 10 years.

    Best Liver Transplant Doctors in India

    Our associated team of doctors have years of expertise and exquisite knowledge in the field of liver transplant. Some of these associated doctors have experience in complex transplant procedures. Be assured of specialized care and affordable costs that can fit any budget.

    Best hospital for liver transplant in india

    We are associated with the top hospitals in India inclusive of cutting-edge technology and the best innovations in the field of medicine, who are JCI, NABH, ISO accredited, and with a team of administrative staff who have a patient-centric, caring approach.

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      Rela Hospital

      Dr. Rela Institute and Medical Centre

      Number of beds:   450
      ICU Beds:                 130
      Airport Distance:   8 KMs

      Brief about Hospital:

      • Dr. Rela Institute & Medical Centre was established under the leadership of Prof. Mohamed Rela,
      Dr. Dinesh Kumar Jothi ManiDr. Dinesh Mani
      Specialist: Liver Surgeon
      Experience: 15+ years
      Hospital: Rela Hospital
      Prof. Dr. Mohamed RelaDr. Mohamed Rela
      Specialist: Liver Surgeon
      Experience: 31+ years
      Hospital: Rela Hospital
      Dr. Kumar PalaniappanDr Kumar Palaniappan
      Speciality: Liver Surgeon
      Experience: 12 years
      Hospital: Rela Hospital


      Max Super Specialist Hospital

      Number of beds:   500
      ICU Beds:                 267
      Airport Distance: 13 KM

      Brief about Hospital:

      • Max Super Speciality Hospital at Saket is one of the topmost healthcare service providers in India.
      Prof (Dr.) Subhash GuptaDr. Subhash Gupta
      Specialist: Liver Surgeon
      Experience: 37+years
      Hospital: Max Hospital


      Fortis Memorial Research Institute

      Number of beds:    1000
      ICU Beds:                  298
      Airport Distance:  17 KMs

      Brief about Hospital:

      • Fortis Memorial Research Institute was established in 2001..
      Dr. Ashish SinghalDr. Ashish Singhal
      Specialist: Liver Surgeon
      Experience: 12+ years
      Hospital: Fortis Hospital
      Dr. Avnish SethDr. Avnish Seth
      Specialist: Liver Surgeon
      Experience: 36 years
      Hospital: Fortis Hospital
      Dr. Anupam SahaDr. Anupam Saha
      Specialist: Liver Surgeon
      Experience: 20+ years
      Hospital: Fortis Hospital

      indraprastha apollo hospital

      Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

      No. of beds: 900
      ICU Beds:     262
      Airport:        20kms

      Brief about Hospital:

      • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is a flagship hospital of India’s foremost healthcare groups,.
      Dr. Neerav GoyalDr. Neerav Goyal
      Specialist: Liver Surgeon
      Experience: 15 years
      Hospital: Apollo Hospital

      MIOT Hospital Chennai

      MIOT International Chennai

      Number of beds: 1000
      ICU Beds:                 290
      Airport Distance: 8 KMs

      Brief about hospital:

      • Madras Institute of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (M.I.O.T) was established by
      Dr. Vimalraj VelayuthamDr Vimalraj Velayutham
      Specialist: Liver Surgeon
      Experience: 15+ years
      Hospital: MIOT Hospital
      Dr. Hemamala V. SDr. Hemamala V. S
      Speciality: Liver Surgeon
      Experience: 27+ years
      Hospital:     MIOT Hospital

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        Medanta The Medicity Hospital

        Number of beds: 1250
        ICU Beds:                300
        Airport Distance: 18 KMs

        Brief about Hospital:

        • Medanta – The Medicity is amongst India’s largest and most renowned multi-super speciality
        Dr. Vijay VohraDr Vijay Vohra
        Speciality: Liver Surgeon
        Experience: 35 years
        Hospital: Medanta Hospital
        Dr. Sanjiv SaigalDr. Sanjiv Saigal
        Speciality: Liver Surgeon
        Experience: 22+ years
        Hospital: Medanta Hospital
        Dr. Arvinder Singh SoinDr. Arvinder Singh Soin
        Speciality: Liver Surgeon
        Experience: 30 years
        Hospital: Medanta Hospital
        Dr. Narendra Singh ChoudharyDr. Narendra Choudhary
        Speciality: Liver Surgeon
        Experience: 21 years
        Hospital: Medanta Hospital

        mgm hospital chennai

        MGM Healthcare Chennai

        Number of beds: 400
        No. of ICU Beds: 100
        Airport Distance: 13 Kms from Chennai Airport

        Brief about Hospital:

        • MGM Healthcare is a super specialty hospital in Chennai, with 400 beds &100 critical care beds.
        Dr. Srikanth ThummalaDr. Srikanth Thummala
        Speciality: Liver Surgeon
        Experience: 7+ years
        Hospital: MGM Hospital

        Artemis Hospital

        Artemis Hospital Gurgaon

        Number of beds:  600
        ICU Beds:                185
        Airport Distance: 19 Km

        Brief about Hospital:

        • Artemis Hospital, established in 2007, spread across 9 acres, is a 600plus bed;
        Dr. Shishir PareekDr. Shishir Pareek
        Specialist: Liver Surgeon
        Experience: 13+ years
        Hospital: Artemis Hospital
        Dr. Giriraj BoraDr Giriraj Bora
        Speciality: Liver Surgeon
        Experience: 17 years
        Hospital: Artemis Hospital

        kokilaben dhirubhai ambani hospital

        Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

        Number of beds: 750
        ICU Beds:               180
        Airport Distance: 8 KMs

        Brief about Hospital:

        • Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital is a top-class multi-specialty tertiary care hospital
        Dr. Divakar JainDr. Divakar Jain
        Speciality: Liver Surgeon
        Experience: 13 years
        Hospital: Kokilaben Hospital

        manipal hospitals dwarka Delhi

        Manipal Hospital Dwarka

        Number of beds:  380
        ICU Beds:                 118
        Airport Distance: 8 Km

        Brief about Hospital:

        • Manipal Hospital Dwarka is a prominent multi-speciality and quaternary care providing
        Dr. Shailendra LalwaniDr. Shailendra Lalwani
        Speciality: Liver Surgeon
        Experience: 19+years
        Hospital: Manipal Hospital
        Dr. Manoj GuptaDr. Manoj Gupta
        Specialist: Liver Surgeon
        Experience: 17+ years
        Hospital: Manipal Hospital


        Liver Surgeon

          Dr Vivek Vij

          Liver Surgeon

            Dr. Giriraj Bora

            Liver Surgeon

              Dr Abhideep Chaudhary

              Liver Surgeon

                Dr. Sonal Asthana

                Liver Surgeon

                  Dr. Shailendra Lalwani

                  Liver Surgeon

                    FMRI Hospital


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